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Washing Window

Deep clean

This also includes the services provided by a Maintenance clean.

Entire Home

  • Wash baseboards

  • Wash doors, door frames, doorknobs

  • Wash outlets, light switches

  • Wash blinds, windows & windowsills

  • Wash all light fixtures & fan blades

  • Wash all outer cabinetries including handles

  •  Wash railings (stairway/hallway poles)

  • Vacuum/mop under rugs

  • Vacuum under coach seat cushions

  • Wash entire backsplash throughout

  • Clean & Polish all appliances including tops

  • Clean inside oven (wire rack separate service).

  • Clean inside fridge

  • Vacuum/wash upholstery including legs for dining chairs, benches, barstools (not including personal items i.e., office chair, gaming chair, beans bags, pet beds etc.)

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